Press Release

Transcend Unveils aXeRam™ Overclocking Memory Series

Transcend Information Inc. (Transcend), a global leader in the manufacture of high performance memory modules, is proud to unveil its latest product series: aXeRam Overclocking Memory which use premium chips and offer unrivaled performance. Designed with gamers and power users in mind, aXeRam delivers superior overclocking performance while maintaining rock-solid system stability.

Transcend's first aXeRam product is the 2GB 240-pin DDR2-800 aXeRam Dual-Channel Overclocking Kit. The kit includes a matching pair of high-speed, pre-tested 1GB DDR2-800 modules with high-quality heat sinks. Transcend's DDR2-800 aXeRam Dual-Channel 2GB Overclocking Kit uses six-layer PCBs that fully comply with JEDEC(the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) standards. The 240-pin DIMMs included in the kit are each made of 16 high-quality 64Mx8 DDR2 FBGA chips. Each chip is selected with the strictest quality standards and is manufactured using small FBGA packages to assure better thermal dissipation, electrical efficiency and overall improved performance for overclockers.

Transcend's 2GB DDR2-800 aXeRam Dual-Channel Overclocking Kit's two identically matching modules are specifically designed for use in dual-channel configuration, which provides memory bandwidth of up to 12.8GB/s. Enthusiasts will appreciate the included custom high-purity aluminum heat sinks' distinctive styling and superior heat diffusion characteristics. To deliver higher performance while maintaining stable operating conditions, Transcend's aXeRam 2GB DDR2-800 Dual-Channel Overclocking Kit operates at CL4 at the standard 1.8V voltage without the need for over voltage. The lower latency equates to shortened system delay times and faster read/write speeds. Compared to ordinary DDR2-800 CL5 modules, system performance gains of up to 10% are possible with true CL4 memory. Whether playing intense 3D games or stressing your system with heavy-duty software applications, Transcend's aXeRam 2GB DDR2-800 Dual-Channel Overclocking memory will give you the extra power you need – especially with Windows Vista™.

Transcend's memory modules are built to the highest specifications with the finest chips and materials available, and they undergo strenuous laboratory testing to ensure they provide the highest performance. All Transcend memory modules come with a lifetime warranty and the support of a global service network. They are recognized worldwide for their high quality, outstanding performance, excellent compatibility, and superb reliability as well as stability. Transcend memory modules are the obvious choice of discerning power users.