Press Release

Transcend's T.sonic™ 610 MP3 Player Wins the "Editors Choice" Award from Russia's Hugely Popular Computer magazine "Computer Press"

Transcend Information, Inc. is very proud to receive the "Editors Choice" award for our T.sonic™ 610 MP3 Player, as presented in the August issue of "Computer Press," Russia's most popular computer magazine. Computer Press's "Editors Choice" award is bestowed upon the best products after independent testing in the magazine's Labs. The review of the T.sonic™ 610 was very positive and the player's extra features particularly impressed the editor. Special mention was made of the T.sonic™ 610's bright OLED display, ease of use and user-friendly file navigation, as well as the unit's customizable user equalizer setting and multi-language support for menus and artist/song titles.

Apart from the aforementioned features the editor also had very positive things to say about the T.sonic™ 610's stylish look and feel. The editor concluded that the player's compact size and unique design combine to produce a very attractive device that delivers both style and substance.

The T.sonic™ 610 combines an MP3 player, FM radio, digital voice recorder and file storage into one small attractive device that will provide you with hours of endless entertainment. The player's impressive list of extra features include, direct FM recording, multi-language support, 6 equalizer modes plus a customizable User EQ setting and an A-B repeat function, which comes in very handy as a language learning tool because you can repeat a designated section of a track, or recording over and over again. All this combines to make the T.sonic™ 610 an excellent choice of flash MP3 player on which you can listen to your favorite music tracks, radio station, or record your personal memos.