Press Release

Transcend is proud to announce the release of its 512MB MMCmobile™ Memory Card, the world's highest capacity Dual-Voltage Reduced-Sized MultiMediaCard™

Transcend Information, Inc. a tireless innovator and world leader in flash memory devices is proud to introduce the latest addition to its comprehensive range of memory cards, the world's highest capacity MMCmobile™ memory card (Dual-Voltage Reduced-Sized MultiMediaCard). This MMCmobile™ card series is designed to maximize the potential of the next generation of cell phones and mobile devices, and now comes in various capacity sizes 128/256/512MB.

Transcend's MMCmobile™ card gives users the convenience of using the card in conventional 3.3V devices as well as newer 1.8V devices. The lower voltage feature uses less power leading to longer battery life. This is a very important advantage, as it means you can get longer usage times from your portable devices. This advantage coupled with the card's increased compatibility and reliability makes the MMCmobile™ card a must-have for all your portable devices.

The 512MB MMCmobile™ is a tiny flash memory card measuring a micro-sized 24x18x1.4mm and weighing only 1g. Using the MMCmobile™ with its adapter, transforms this tiny card into a regular sized card that is compatible with almost all digital music players, digital camcorders, handheld PCs, mobile phones and other digital devices that use a standard MultiMediaCard™.

Transcend uses advanced technology known as "System in Package" (SiP) to create the micro-sized MMCmobile™ cards. To ensure the highest quality, Transcend insists on only using original SLC (Single-Level-Cell) NAND Flash chips, which have higher write speeds, utilize less power and possess superior durability in comparison to MLC (Multi-Level-Cell) chips. Transcend's MMCmobile™ is the best choice of memory card to meet all your needs for today's emerging technology and tomorrow's future releases.