Press Release

Transcend's global sales revenue reaches US$71.73 million in November

Transcend's global sales revenue for the month of November totaled US$71.73 million. As for the company's monthly product shipment breakdown, flash memory products contributed to 59.12% of sales, while DRAM modules accounted for 20.71%. New product lines including MP3 players, portable hard drives and digital photo frames amounted to 20.17% of the company's total sales revenue. In addition, Transcend's combined total product shipment reached a total of 8.64 million pieces in November. The major contributors to this total were flash-based products, of which 7.39 million units were shipped. This marks a year-on-year (YoY) growth of 83.07%. Shipments of DRAM-based products totaled 970,000 pieces, and new product lines reached 280,000 pieces, amounting to a YoY growth of 72.36%. In terms of average memory capacity of devices sold in November, Transcend's average flash memory card capacity was 2.75GB, while its average flash drive was 4.14GB, and the average capacity of DRAM modules sold was 1.47GB.

Thanks to increased product demand in preparation for Christmas, the company's November shipment of digital photo frames reached a new 20,000-unit record. In addition, the shipment of portable hard drives remained stable due to the successful sales of Netbook computers. Looking ahead, Transcend expects a healthy increase in global market share in December due to the Christmas holiday season and ongoing consolidation within the industry.