Press Release

Transcend's product shipment in July reaches a record breaking total of 7.95 million pieces

Transcend's global sales revenue for the month of July totaled US$103.75 million, up 24.17 percent from US$83.55 million in June. In addition, Transcend's product shipment reached a total of 7.95 million pieces in July, breaking the company's previous shipment records. This is an increase of 1.95 million pieces from June's shipment totals, and also a huge growth of 3.2 million pieces compared to the same period last year. The major contributors to this total were flash-based products, of which 5.7 million units were shipped. Shipments of DRAM-based products and new product lines totaled 2 million pieces and 250,000 pieces, respectively. As for Transcend's July product shipment breakdown, flash memory products contributed to 50.53% of sales and DRAM modules accounted for 42.31%. New product lines including MP3 players, portable hard drives and digital photo frames amounted to 7.16% of the company's total sales revenue.

In terms of regional sales, Transcend enjoyed significant growth in both sales revenue and product shipment in the areas of Europe, China and the Middle East. Thanks to its great brand image and successful product launches, Transcend enjoyed continued global market share growth. As a result, Transcend's strategic products, which include digital audio players, portable hard drives, and digital photo frames, achieved record-high sales numbers in July. Capitalizing on its strengths, from strategic channel management to diversified product development, Transcend expects its global sales revenue to continue to grow steadily in the second half of 2008.